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Mal Lippo Cikarang

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Mal Lippo Cikarang is a two-level retail mall located within the Lippo Cikarang estate. The estate is approximately 40 km east of Jakarta and is connected to Jakarta via the Jakarta-Cikampek toll road. Comprising industrial, commercial and residential components, the Lippo Cikarang estate is home to 25,000 residents and approximately 65,000 jobs. 

Mal Lippo Cikarang is the main shopping centre in the estate and has limited competition within an approximately 10-km radius. The mall is anchored by Matahari Department Store and Hypermart , complemented by a cinema, a bookshop, a video game centre, restaurants and dining outlets.

As at June 2009, Mal Lippo Cikarang has 183 retail tenants based on Committed Leases. The mall is anchored by Matahari Department Store, Hypermart, which collectively occupy approximately 51 % of the mall™s NLA, and is well complemented by a diverse set of specialty tenants from a wide variety of industries. The prominent specialty tenants include Nokia, Timezone, Toko Buku Utama bookstore, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendy™s Restaurant, Pizza Hut, The Executive, Dunkin Donuts and Johnny Andrean Salon. have several hotels close to Mal Lippo Cikarang like Hotel Boutique Pesona CikarangGrand Cikarang HotelGrand Zuri Jababeka HotelThe New Citra Inn International Hotel and Horison Hotel Bekasi. Further down on the page you find a list of all hotels have in Bekasi.

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