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PMI Hospital Bogor

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Starting from a hospital that stood on the initiative of the social group of Dutch people in 1931, which in 1938 managed by NERKAI (Rode Kruis Nederlansch Afdeling Van Indonesie), and between the years 1942-1945 held by the Japanese authorities. After Japan lost the war and leave Indonesia, the management of the hospital performed by NERKAI.Barulah back in 1948, assigned its management to the Executive Branch of the Red Cross Indonesia Bogor and named Kedung barrier Hospital led by Doctors Respondek, until 1951 submitted to Headquarters Indonesian Red Cross and designated as a general hospital and changed its name to general Hospital Red Cross Indonesia (PMI RS) Bogor.

For its management, was formed in 1964 a Red Cross General Hospital Foundation, chaired by Ms. Bogor Hartini Soekarno and the headquarters of the Great berinduk Indonesia Red Cross Hospital later in the year 1965 in cooperation with the Bogor PMI Cipto Mangunkusumo by medical and paramedical tenga attach RSCM in RSU PMI Bogor

In 1966, PMI Bogor Hospital Foundation has been dissolved by the previous restoration of the building RSU PMI Bogor. New in 1970 RSU get PMI Bogor Hospital status by the standards of the type C Workshop Hospital. Since then RSU more acting as PMI Bogor in 1972, was appointed Obstetric Clinic Family Planning Clinic and the Bogor area of concern in service to the community, Red Cross Hospital in 1980 in cooperation with the Bogor BPDPK (now PT Askes Indonesia).

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JL. Raya Pajajaran, No. 80
Bogor , Indonesia
Phone: 0251-324080




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